EHNE Draft Budget of the Government of Navarra

Posted 2015-01-29

EHNE requires the Government of Navarra to do everything possible so that in the campaign statement PAC 2015, farmers can apply each and every one of the measures included in the PDR and the commitments already being implemented in the work planting are recognized in the recovery of the aid.
The budget of the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Government has a budget of € 90,868,360 for the year 2015 for the programs for the agricultural sector, compared to € 107,723,060 that were budgeted in the Draft Law 2014. That is, it is a cut of 16.7%. “This combined cut that drag since 2008 reached 70% and is affecting the social model of agriculture and farmers and ranchers professionals Navarra”. Then there is the serious decline in home prices in major productions (milk, cereals, wine, fruit, etc.), strong tendency on the Russian veto on agricultural production in the European Union joins ..
Year after year, EHNE denounced in this ECOSOC orientation of spending and priorities of the Government of Navarra as far as agriculture is concerned. “It has been demonstrated that this strategy is impossible viability and survival of a strategic sector, both economically, socially, environmentally and as an element of cohesion and territorial structure”.
On July 23, 2013, an agreement between the Minister of Rural Development, Environment and Local Government, José Javier Esparza, and agrarian sector organizations (UAGN, EHNE and UCAN), which described the principles that defend Navarre was reached the implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
Among the principles endorsed the following refers to the application in Navarra the 2nd Pillar of the CAP on rural development policy.
Subsequently, on May 15, 2014, becomes to sign an agreement between the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Government and agricultural and forestry organizations in the implementation of the Rural Development Policy 2014-2020 Navarra, where preferred lines of action, among which environmental measures are agreed.
Clearly, in the Draft Budget Law 2015, as crucial for all agricultural and livestock sectors Navarra currently supports and commitments that such agreements are not collected reflected. Strategic and essential for the survival of many farms, such as agriculture and livestock, steppes, sustainable farming, etc., appear no budget for the year 2015 AE.
“It is a lack of commitment which, incidentally, do see by the Government of Navarra with the fabric of GSEs and the budget they allocate them INTIA. € 4.8 million, TRACASA: € 3,113,289 or GAN : € 3,339,069 “.
Is also committed to spending 26 million euros for Canal de Navarra, among which are the departure of EUR 8.5 million included in the budgets of the Department of Economics, Finance, Industry and Employment on loan to the Canal Society of Navarra SA